new music video and "backlash, baby" LP release announcement

dear web viewers,

i'd like to draw your attention to our new music video for "sun's early rays" that premiered on brooklyn vegan today:

it's the first in a series of three videos following this storyline in reverse chronological order... stay tuned for future installments!

in related news, our first full length record since 2008 will be out on november 20th via our friends at lame-o records & rumbletowne records! pre-orders start on wednesday! it's going to look like this:

it's going to sound like this:

1. Backlash, Baby
2. My Valerian
3. Sun's Early Rays
4. Born At The Wrong Time
5. Panoptic Vision
6. Big Problems, USA
7. Sicker
8. Fall Of The Constellations
9. Shadow Of Death
10. American
11. You Were A Fighter
12. Going Home Part I
13. Going Home Part II

OK, that's all for now!

friday at songbyrd!

nevermind the flyer, this show is at songbyrd and it's gonna be awesome!


yo our next show is at babe city records' one year anniversary show, AUGUST 22nd! it's also coincidentally THE MAX LEVINE ENSEMBLE'S 15TH ANNIVERSARY and our first time playing at the 9:30 Club! you can get tickets and shit here.

jukebox, baby

the max levine ensemble’s new album “backlash baby” won’t be out until the fall, but until then you can listen to it exclusively in the black cat's red room jukebox! (1811 14th St. NW Washington DC)



DC Net Neutrality Benefit this Saturday!

we're playing thee lexington arrows 10th anniversary!

our next show! december 20th at the sidebar in baltimore for our friends thee lexington arrows 10th anniversary! buds since ancient times!


It's summer 2011. Last year was Maximum Summer. Will this year live up to the same standards? Will Bepstein write a song a day for 30 days? Watch Benjamin Epstein eat pizza, ice cream, and wage war on growing up.

big news!! MAXIMUM SUMMER: THE BEPSTEIN DOCUMENTARY is finally up online!  it features everything you ever did or didn't want to know about the max levine ensemble's bass player, benjamin epstein, as well as a lot of old footage of the max levine ensemble. check it out, share, etc! 

film by rose haag.

cooooool show!!

hey dc! let's hang out!