"The Elephant in the Room" TAPE/7" [2011] -  Fuck You is a Seven Letter Word Records
  Full Download here or from bandcamp.

  1. Adventures in Petsitting [lyrics] [mp3]
  2. Last of the Assholes [lyrics] [mp3]
  3. Hate Your Body in 12 Easy Steps [lyrics] [mp3]
  4. Fake Smiles in Photographs [lyrics] [mp3]









  "Mr. Gikokovich 2000-2005: A Retrospective" CD/LP [2011] -  Plan-it-X /No Breaks Records
  Full Download here or from bandcamp.

  1. Ghost Song [lyrics] [mp3]
  2. Pink [lyrics] [mp3]
  3. Poop Farm [lyrics][mp3]
  4. Leopard Print Girl [lyrics]  [mp3]
  5. Dittography [lyrics] [mp3]
  6. Nihilism [lyrics] [mp3]
  7. Pablo Pinkpants [lyrics] [mp3]
  8. Fuck You I'm Not PC? [lyrics] [mp3]
  9. Defenestration [lyrics] [mp3]
  10. Tidal Wave [lyrics] [mp3]
  11. Jazzonia/Back to Point Zero [lyrics] [mp3]
  12. The Craftiness of Miss Oh Here We Go Again [lyrics][mp3]
  13. Hell of a Week [lyrics] [mp3]




  "Them Steadily Depressing Low Down Mind Messing Post Modern Recession Blues"
  TAPE/7" [2010] - Fuck You is A Seven Letter Word/Asian Man Records
  Full Download here or from bandcamp.

  1. Lucky Ones [lyrics] [mp3]
  2. Creative Destruction [lyrics] [mp3]
  3. This is Rome, and We Are... [lyrics] [mp3]
  4. The Bribe [lyrics] [mp3]
  5. Tragedy of the Anti-Commons [lyrics] [mp3]








  "Ben Weasel" 7" [2009] - Fuck You is a Seven Letter Word Records
  Full download from Quote Unquote Records or from bandcamp.

  1. Ben Weasel Thinks We Suck [lyrics] [mp3]
  2. It's Make Out Time [lyrics] [mp3]
  3. How About a Screeching Pole Cat? [lyrics] [mp3]
  4. You're Art Monk, and I'm Telling Everyone [lyrics] [mp3]
  5. If That Band Was a Horse, I'd Shoot It [lyrics] [mp3]
  6. You Are a Rude Thoughtless Little Pig [lyrics] [mp3]
  7. God Gave Rock and Roll to You Part III [lyrics] [mp3]







  "OK Smartypants" CD/LP/TAPE [2008] - Plan-it-X/No Breaks/Big Record Label
  Full download here or from bandcamp.

  1. One Click [lyrics] [mp3]
  2. Thrash Mt. Towson [lyrics] [mp3]
  3. Firetoowwweerrr [lyrics] [mp3]
  4. Aren't All Songs Political? Aren't All Songs Vaguely Self Referential? [lyrics] [mp3]
  5. Nuclearadio [lyrics] [mp3]
  6. The Accident [lyrics] [mp3]
  7. Small Talk (Blah Blah Blah) [lyrics] [mp3]
  8. Love Capitol L [lyrics] [mp3]
  9. You're Bitter [lyrics] [mp3]
  10. Franny and Hooey [lyrics] [mp3]
  11. Complex Machines [lyrics] [mp3]
  12. The Loss [lyrics] [mp3]
  13. Summer, Like the Season [lyrics] [mp3]
  14. I Loved to Watch Them [lyrics] [mp3]



  Spirit Animals Split 7" [2005] - Crafty Records

  1. Ghost Song [lyrics] [mp3]
  2. At the Zoo (Simon and Garfunkel) [mp3]
  3. Still Fourteen [lyrics] [mp3]









  Operation: Cliff Clavin Split 7" [2005] - Plan-it-X Records

  1. Pink [lyrics] [mp3]
  2. Bicycle as Insurance Plan [lyrics] [mp3]
  3. Another Song About the Rain [lyrics] [mp3]
  4. The Kids are Fucking Brilliant [lyrics] [mp3]








  "How To Build An Intergalactic Time Travel Machine"
[2003] - Fight the Octopus Records
  Full download here. Stream here.

  1. Fifteen Minutes [lyrics] [mp3]
  2. The Craftiness of Miss 'Oh Here We Go Again' [lyrics] [mp3]
  3. Democracy [lyrics] [mp3]
  4. Raindance [lyrics] [mp3]
  5. Poop Farm [lyrics] [mp3]
  6. Somebody's Gotta Be the Instigator! [lyrics] [mp3]
  7. Pablo Pinkpants [lyrics] [mp3]
  8. Nihilism [lyrics] [mp3]
  9. Cartoon World [lyrics] [mp3]
  10. The Estranged Journeys of Richard Nixon [lyrics] [mp3]
  11. Jazzonia (Langston Hughes)[lyrics] [mp3]
  12. Back to Point Zero [lyrics] [mp3]
  13. Look Away [lyrics] [mp3]
  14. The Hot Song [lyrics] [mp3]
  15. Extended Dance Remix [lyrics] [mp3]


"Goes to Jail" cdr [2002] - S/R

1. Rock and Roll Asshole [lyrics] [mp3]
2. Conventional [lyrics] [mp3]
3. Leroy Brown (Jim Croce) [lyrics] [mp3]
4. Hollow Words [lyrics] [mp3]
5. Leopard Print Girl [lyrics] [mp3]
6. Satistraction [lyrics] [mp3]
7. STOP [lyrics] [mp3]
8. The Highly Effective Love Song [lyrics] [mp3]
9. Dittography [lyrics] [mp3]
10. Up Yours Seattle [lyrics] [mp3]
11. Tidal Wave [lyrics] [mp3]
12. Throwing Watermelons [lyrics] [mp3]
13. Swallow the Fly [lyrics] [mp3]
14. Bobstrumental [lyrics] [mp3]
15. Sphinx Rock [lyrics] [mp3]
16. You Get What You Pay For [lyrics] [mp3]
17. Hell of a Week [lyrics] [mp3]


"...Chach Rules!!!" cdr [2001] - S/R

1. The Whole Song [lyrics] [mp3]
2. Spoonboy's Revenge [lyrics] [mp3]
3. You Gotta Have it All [lyrics] [mp3]
4. Fuck You I'm Not PC? [lyrics] [mp3]
5. Henry VIII (Herman's Hermits) [lyrics] [mp3]
6. JD vs. DC [lyrics] [mp3]
7. Curly Brown Hair Love Affair [lyrics] [mp3]
8. Time Magazine[lyrics] [mp3]
9. Evan Rosenburg [lyrics] [mp3]
10. Defenestration [lyrics] [mp3]
11. Pizza Guy [lyrics] [mp3]
12. Chantilly Lace (Big Bopper) [lyrics] [mp3]
13. Warm Up Song [lyrics] [mp3]




B-Sides (extra songs on "Chach, Cops, and Donuts")

1. Disclaimer [lyrics] [mp3]
2. A Song to Cut Your Hair By[lyrics] [mp3]
3. A Lot of People Here Look Like Yossi May[lyrics] [mp3]
4. Motivation [lyrics] [mp3]
5. Titty Twister (Diesel Boy) [lyrics] [mp3]
6. Why Rejy Never Gets a Mic [lyrics] [mp3]
7. Adam Herschtal [lyrics] [mp3]
8. Divorce Court - live (The AKs) [lyrics] [mp3]
9. Hypothetical Girl [lyrics] [mp3]
10. Purple Pants [lyrics] [mp3]
11. Embryonic Rockabilly Polka-dotted Fighter Pilots[lyrics] [mp3] [video]
12. Stevie Wonder [lyrics] [mp3]
13. TMLE Mega Mix [lyrics] [mp3]


"The Papas" by Spoonboy
"I Love You This is a Robbery" by Spoonboy
"Hey Fragile" by Lava Lava
Lava Lava tour demo