in anticipation of our upcoming 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY, we recently decided to re-record 13 classic max levine ensemble tracks to reflect how we play them now.  versions of all the songs were released on various records between 2000 and 2005, but this new/old record stands on its own.  some of the songs sound drastically different from the originals, some are just recorded a little better with better amps and shit.  plan-it-x records is releasing the CD, and no breaks records is doing the LP.  both will be released at the aforementioned 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY.  be there!


1. Ghost Song
2. Pink
3. Poop Farm
4. Leopard Print Girl
5. Dittography
6. Nihilism
7. Pablo Pinkpants
8. Fuck You I'm Not PC?
9. Defenestration
10. Tidal Wave
11. Jazzonia/Back to Point Zero
12. The Craftiness of Miss Oh Here We Go Again
13. Hell of a Week